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New Rock takes environmental responsibility seriously and as important as our effect on the environment is, we believe the effect of the environment to our personal wellbeing is just as important. So what started as a core principle to reduce wastage of energy and natural resources has become an environmental campaign by the New Rock team.


Our objectives are to proactively work to create and expand our natural woodlands, meadows and wetlands, by creating sustainable projects such as replanting woodland enriching flora and fauna and support the habitats of key species..


"Creating natural spaces to inspire us all."



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New Rock has teamed up with industry professionals to provide a legacy project potentially 80 years in the making and hopefully beyond.


Naturally New Rock


Our projects have been created and show appreciation for the natural world that we have inherited, managing and working natural sites, incorporating sustainable forestry and traditional techniques to enhance the areas which we are privileged to work.



Volunteer With Us


Almost all of New Rocks work is done by our passionate volunteers, Naturally New Rock is no exception. Come join our team of volunteers, get your hands a little dirty and spend some memorable times spent surrounded by inspiring natural beauty.

Find your nearest Naturally New Rock project.


So Trees & Stuff...

Naturally New Rock, may sit slightly outside our normal music based work but it is at the centre of a lot of our inspiration.

Being based in east of England we are surrounded by picturesque landscapes including Forests, Wetlands and Coastal treasures.

Need to find some extra headspace?  Naturally New Rock could be the project for you to get involved with.


Natural Inspiration...

If you want to switch it up from broken hearts, substance abuse and deals with the Devil, then natural beauty is right up there as a source of inspiration.

It can also be a place to find your inner sound away from distractions of modern socially handcuffed life.

By providing music retreats Naturally New Rock can provide opportunities for performance and recording.


Giving  Back...

Its always nice to think that you give back more than you receive, but for Naturally New Rock we do it tenfold ‘literally’.

To help to compensate for all the materials we take for granted used to create our musical instruments and accessories Naturally New Rock are germinating and planting a selection of ‘Tonewoods’ within our conservation programmes. Our aim is to replenish where ever we can as well as provide education packages and workshops to help keep things sustainable for future generations.  


Education & Fun

Our conservation projects are a team effort and we provide a number of different ways to get involved as a family.

From Bugs to Fungi Naturally New Rocks educational workshops can cover it all working in partnership with a number of other conservation organisation bringing additional expertise to our projects.

Our hands on nature workshops are tailored to age groups, abilities and client’s objectives. Making the most of seasonal changes, natural life cycles and animal behaviours.


Excitement & Adventure

Where possible Naturally New Rock, aims to make the most of the land and the projects we manage, being creative in bringing families together to share in our adventures.

Activities such as Bush Craft, Den Building, Orienteering and Archery are available on most sites all year round and specialist sites acting as ‘Centres of Excellence’ for specific activities.


Our Locations

We are continually looking at new sites and projects and we are positive this will grow as time moves on, below is the current list of live sites, please click on the READ MORE tabs to find out more about what we are doing.

If you have a site you would like us to consider for a Naturally New Rock project please use our contact form, and select SITE PROPOSAL as the subject to ensure your message gets to the right department.


New Rock Community

New Rock has become a fast-paced project with a very dedicated expanding team of enthusiastic musicians and professionals. We have separated off the extent of our work to ensure that our website content stays relevant to that particular project. To find out more about this exceptional team and how this all came about please visit us at Team New Rock or get involved with our New Rock forum.Team New Rock website link

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